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Concise entries and illustrations of the 37 paintings currently given to Vermeer, including the disputed attributions. Purchase of the volume provides the buyer with exclusive access to a website with high-resolution images of the complete paintings.: The genre painting of the Dutch Golden Age between 16 ranks among the highest pinnacles of Western European art.The Delft master Johannes Vermeer is now the most renowned of these painters of everyday life.Though he is frequently portrayed as an enigmatic figure who worked largely in isolation, the essays here reveal that Vermeer's subjects, compositions, and figure types in fact owe much to works by artists from other Dutch cities.The book isfull of resonances and harmonies, wisdom and subtlety.Ramon Andrés is a celebrated spanish musicologist and essay-writer.: The Dutch Republic in the seventeenth century was home to one of the greatest flowerings of painting in the history of Western art.

They drew inspiration from each other's painting, and then tried to surpass each other in technical prowess and aesthetic appeal.This XL edition brings together the complete catalog of Vermeer's work, presenting the calm yet compelling scenes so treasured in galleries across Europe and the United States into one monograph of utmost reproduction quality.With brand new photography of many works, Vermeer's restrained but richly evocative repertoire of domestic actions – ranging from letter writing to music making to preparations in the kitchen – unfolds in a generous format, including three fold-out spreads. "Ramón Andrés nos vuelve, en efecto, a sorprender, no ya o no solo por su vastísima erudición, que le permite saltar, con natural prestancia, de las ciencias a las letras y a las artes, sino encandilarnos con su relato deambulatorio hasta arribar al meollo de la vida, cuya auténtica universalidad se entreteje con deslumbrantes detalles minúsculos." —Francisco Calvo Serraller, El País "¿Cómo puede alguien saber tantas cosas, sobre temas tan diversos, saberlas tan bien, y explicarlas con tal claridad?El luthier de Delft es la cartografía de un país y de una época, con constelaciones de saberes diversos que nos permiten navegar por la música, la filosofía, la ciencia y la vida de los Países Bajos y parte de Europa entre los siglos XVI y XVIII." —Perico Pastor, La Vanguardia "Lo que convierte a este libro en cautivador, no es su contenido, sino su forma.

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Un libro lleno de resonancias y armonías, sabiduría y sutileza.