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She had been living for years in Australia after fleeing Romania during the revolution against the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu."I had been demonstrating against Ceausescu on the University Square in Bucharest.When the police arrived, I ran for my life, and I lost my handbag with my ID," she explains.

Kaminski was arrested because he allegedly refused police orders to vacate the area where the other teens were being detained.

Kaminski was arrested for refusing a detective's orders to vacate the area where the teens were detained According to the police report, a lifeguard first approached a local detective at about 1.30pm on Independence Day.

The lifeguard informed the detective that he was told that a number of people were having sex in the water.

It's heartbreaking and nobody does anything about it."Iana opened the country's first specialised shelter for victims of sex trafficking in 1998, before the problem was widely known.

At that time, she was in her home country for what she thought would be just a temporary visit.

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