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To understand the effect of climate on tree-ring features, such as width or density, tree-ring data have to be calibrated against instrumental records.The high degree of multicollinearity among monthly time series of climate data violates the assumption of independent predictor variables in ordinary least squares regression.The program also enables the use of other popular standardisation methods.A series of experiments is described in which the ability of simple RCS and SF RCS to recover known tree-growth forcing signals is tested.The number of CMORs within an individual increased with decreasing sampling height on the stem.

halepensis Mill.); (ii) to quantify the presence of intra-annual density fluctuations (IADFs) according to crown class and cambial age; (iii) to establish the relationships between IADFs and climate.

Based on the results of the tests explored here, we conclude that Signal-Free RCS should be used as the standard method of RCS processing. Mediterranean environments are of special interest for the study of the relationships between climate, growth and anatomic features.

Dendrochronological techniques were applied at eight sampling sites that were selected throughout the natural distribution area of Pinus halepensis in the Iberian Peninsula.

Our results suggest that CMORs can be associated with a cambium that may be inactive, yet functional, for up to 18 years.

We conclude that CMORs can occur in a wide variety of species, growth forms and biomes, suggesting a general strategy of woody plant growth.

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Here we test whether CMORs occur at different distributional margins of woody plant species, where stress levels are expected to be high.